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"The only thing
                 we have to fail is
failure itself."

~Boyd Pomeroy, music theorist

and Palin sympathizer


Charles Zoll’s (b. 1991) music has been performed across the United States by the Atlanta Chamber Players, Boston Musica Viva, Fifth House, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, and Voices of Change. His most recently commissioned works have been premiered by The Cygnus Trio (2016, for Amalgam) Dimitri Ashkenazy (2016, for I Remember Summer), Boston Musica Viva (2015, for Bliss and the Pale Blue Dot) and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (2014, for Asimov at Star’s End).


Charles Zoll, a native of Tucson, AZ, began his formal studies in composition at The University of Arizona, graduating with the Bachelors of Music in composition, summa cum laude, under the teaching of Daniel Asia, Craig Walsh, Pamela Decker, and Suzanne Knosp. He received the Masters of Music in composition from McGill University in Montreal, Canada under the teaching of Melissa Hui.


He currently lives with his wife, Roxanna, in Tempe, AZ. 

photo by Santiago Bahti

Interviewed by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra conductor Robert Spano

Featured at The University of Arizona

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